Multipurpose Fly-Ash Bricks & Pre-Cast Concrete Products

Product Details


1) Latest technology and automation

2) Integrated Control function

3) Accurate Synchronization 

4) High vibration through Vibrating tools

5) Advance vibration modes of high quality

6) Medium/Large scale production

7) Pallet Stack for automatic pallet stacking on hydraulic trolley 

Product Capacity

ItemsSize (L x W x H)Psc. /mouldPsc. /HourPsc. /8hoursOne Year (300 days) Production
Solid Bricks230x110x75mm327,68061,4401,84,32,000
Porous Bricks240x115x90mm204,80038,4001,15,20,000
Paving Blocks200x100x60mm273,88831,10493,31,200

Technical Data

Rating Pressure21MPa
VibrationTable Vibration
Vibration frequency2800-4500r/min
Pallet Size1100x560mm
Cycle Time11-25sec
Power35.88 kW