Multipurpose Machine For Fly-Ash Bricks & Concrete Blocks And Pavers

Product Details


This is a compact small mfg. ecomonded unit for production Fly-ash Bricks, Block & Pavers in Vibro-hydraulic technology. It has a compact control panel for automatic production of Fly-Ash bricks, Blocks & Pavers. It is complete with Pallet feeder, Material feeder, Discha.. side. Belt conveyor, Pan-Mixer, Complete with is 15 HP Power Pack & control Panel. 
• 8 Bricks/4-8 pavers per stroke. 
• Upto 15000 Bricks per shift production capacity. 
• High quality. 
• Versatile, since it can produce Bricks/Solid Blocks/Pavers/Curbstones as well as Hollow Blocks and other pre-cast elements. 
• Automatic operated Vibro Hydraulic Machine 
• PLC Operated 
• Adjustable pressure & Vibrations. 
• Dimensions Approx: 5m x 8m x 2.5m Approx

Product Capacity

ItemsSize (L x W x H)Psc. /mouldPsc. /HourPsc. /8hoursOne Year (300 days) Production
Solid Bricks230x110x70mm101,87515,0001,80,000
Paving Blocks200x100x60mm81,1008,80026,40,000