Model No. 7560HPP

Cinque Terre
Hydroulic Press For Making Fly-Ash Bricks.

Product Details


This is an automatic Hydraulic Brick/Block making machine, easy to operate and low maintenance with high efficiency, has an integrated control panel. Suitable for casting of high-density Fly-Ash Bricks/Block. Complete with conveyor belt, high efficiency Pan-Mixer and two nos. trollies. Optional: a) 3 bin Hydraulic Hopper with separate weight indicators. b) Automatic in line Batching system. Note: The machines may be opted in Pallet system or in Belt system discharge.


All procedure settings for production are completely automatic and controlled by PLC. Data in-outdevice can assure ideal man-machine conversation. The control system includes the advanced logical safety lock and trouble-diagnosis device that will point the trouble location promptly. Integrated control function can be used.

Product Capacity.

Model HPP/HPCPressure in Tons upto Size of bricks No. of bricks Pcs. stroke Psc. /HourPsc. /8Hour Psc. One Year (300 days)
8080 HPP 250 230x110x70mm 21 4410 35280 1,05,84,000
7560 HPP 150 230x110x70mm 14 2940 23520 70,56,000
6080 HPP 100 230x110x70mm 102100 16800 50,40,000
5060 HPP 60 230x110x70mm 816,80 13440 40,32,000
4040 HPP 40 230x110x70mm 61260 10080 30,24,000